Watch This Russian Commander Eliminate Unruly Recruits And Uncover The Stakes: Report

A new video shows Russian conscripts finding out they’re heading to Ukraine — and some aren’t happy about it.

A Russian military commissar makes it clear he’s not proposing to the men while the conscripts yell and yell at their new commander.

“That’s it! The games are over! You’re all in the military… Any questions?”

London-based Russian-speaking Estonian Dmitri Masinski released the video of the recalcitrant conscripts on Friday.

Mansinki is running translated warwhich describes itself as “an independent project engaged in translating various materials about the war in Ukraine into English in order to improve understanding of the conflict for a wider western audience”.


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It’s not clear where these conscripts received the bad news. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial draft after Russia suffered a series of disastrous setbacks in combat when he invaded Ukraine.

The uniformed man appears on a stage with a Russian military poster to his right and a podium with outdated Soviet heraldry below him.

The official drafts a training plan for the conscripts that raises serious questions about their potential combat effectiveness in a bloody and cleverly armed conflict.

Will Russia’s mobilization propel the conflict in Ukraine into a radically new phase?

“Three days here. Then flight. Then two weeks [supplemental] Education.”

It is clear from this discussion that this training structure could bring conscripts to the front lines of the combat zone in less than a month.

Russia has suffered heavy casualties in a “special military operation” by the Kremlin initially expected end in days.


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The Russian military official continued his briefing and paved the ground uncomfortable reality to conscripts by promoting the benefits of military service.

“Combat pay, combat veteran status, until the end of special ops, then coming home… No one’s going to fire you from your job. Your job is reserved, your workplace.”

Putin ordered that forced mobilization by some Russian military veterans and other personnel already in the Russian military reserves. It is not clear whether these conscripts have previous military experience.

Russian propagandists made imperialist arguments against the existence of the Ukrainian nation to justify aggressive war.

Russia is conducting “sham referenda” in Kremlin-backed puppet states in eastern Ukraine to facilitate their annexation euronews.

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