Ways to clear your space of negative energy and invite good vibes

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Whether you’re having a bad day, recently broken up with a toxic ex (or boyfriend), or just want to reset your seat after hosting last night’s temper tantrum, learn how to clear your house of negative energy can be a powerful tool. There is no better way to proactively reset your intentions and initiate good vibes than to physically direct bad energy out of your space. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be reaching for your palo santo and lighter more than ever.

A new moon represents the perfect lunar event to align with your abode aura cleansing, and we are just days away from the first new moon of the astrological New Year, which occurs in the early hours of April 1st in Aries. To capture this cosmically – Aligned Cleansing Opp spoke to Neelou Malekpour, author of STYLECASTER The Art of the Sacred Smokee and Founder of Smudged for a calming ritual anyone can do. If you want to find other ways to cleanse and more rituals for manifestation, energy and more, its all in her book available now.

Ways to clean your space


How to clean your home from bad energy

1. Open up your space

Malekpour refers to it as an “opening of sacred space” that can be customized to suit everyone’s personal preferences. “When you open a sacred space, you go into a meditative state,” explains Malekpour. “It’s a shift from rational thinking and contemplating everything on my to-do list to a quieter space.”

You can do this by taking a few deep breaths and putting your hand on your heart, or by calling upon your guides. “I always call on my angels, allies, and ancestors of 100 percent light, and I always call on my grandmother,” says Malekpour. “Opening your sacred space is very personal, so do whatever that means to you.”

2. Set an intention

“Intention allows the energy to go in a certain direction,” says Malekpour. Whether you just want to cleanse your home of introduced negative energy after a bad day or reset after a crowd, you can replace the neutral energy with positive energy.

You can match your intention to what you are currently feeling. Malekpour recommends saying, “My intention is to purify my space, feel better, or let go of what isn’t serving me right now.”

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3. Open a window

“The only strict cleaning rule is to open the windows or provide adequate ventilation,” says Malekpour. “Inhaling smoke is not good, but even stagnant or negative energy needs a place to go. If there are no windows open, there is nowhere to go.”

4. Light your herb of choice

First, Malekpour suggests giving thanks to the element of fire and the herb used, such as sage or palo santo. When using Palo Santo, Malekpour shakes out the flame instead of blowing it out to keep the smoke flowing.

5. Start your cleaning

Once your herb is lit, you can walk around every corner of your room, but there are a few spots Malekpour says you should never overlook. “There is always stagnant energy under your arms. Walk around the corners of your house, get close to your cell phone and your computer. Corners are really important, anywhere the energy can get stuck.” She explains.

Walk around trying to keep your mind clear, or just repeat your intention over and over as you move.

6. Call out something good

Malekpour calls this the most important step in your cleansing ritual. “Once you’ve cleaned your room, you’ve got a clean slate. They want to claim something good: either health, happiness, or good luck,” she says. After clearing the room of negative energy, you will have a neutral space. “When you’re neutral, you want to hire what you want,” she says. “Otherwise everything can come in.”

If you have trouble with any part of the above steps, Malekpour says you should always feel free to tailor and personalize your cleansing ritual. Some people have difficulty entering the pre-cleansing meditative state or dislike using herbs that sting. If that’s the case for you, Malekpour says you can replace the smoke with a room spray. Sprays like Palo Santo mop spray
Agua de Florida can help you focus and relax, and the latter has been used in shamanic ceremonies in Peru for hundreds of years.

You can even clean with sound if that feels right to you.

Bottom line: do what feels good, and eventually you’ll get into a practice that feels like second nature. You can clean your home as often as you like, or once a week if you need a starting point. Just make sure you’re relaxing, having fun, and having a positive intention of spreading good vibes and kicking out the old ones.

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