What does the autopsy report say about Dawn Brancheau’s death? Video explained in 2010

Brancheau was drowned by Tilikum, so the autopsy report indicated that she had died from drowning, but it was also mentioned that blunt force trauma also played a role in her death.

Her ribs, jaw and cervical vertebrae were all fractured, according to the autopsy report, and her spinal cord was also severed. Brancheau’s scalp was completely ripped off, and her left elbow and knee were also fractured.

Brancheau’s demise prompted a long-lasting shift in how theme parks treat wildlife, and the award-winning documentary Blackfish, based on the incident, was released.

As a result of the tragedy, SeaWorld immediately implemented a safety policy. The rule stipulated that no SeaWorld trainer could perform a show with an orca in the pool.

Similar internal and voluntary restrictions were previously imposed by SeaWorld following certain other animal trainer injuries. Despite this, SeaWorld overturned the rule with a temporary execution each time. However, after the Brancheau tragedy, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) tightened the restriction. This led SeaWorld to regularly seek vacating numerous OSHA violations and rulings through 2014.

The unfortunate incident dates back to February 24, 2010 when Senior Animal Trainer Dawn Brancheau and Orca Tilikum performed in the aquatic performance “Dine with Shamu.” Towards the end of the show, the orca dragged his trainer to the pool and drowned her to death.

Tilikum was a giant orca at SeaWorld Orlando and performed in a setting where visitors dined at an al fresco restaurant and watched the show from the pool. The show ran smoothly with no premonitions of the attack. But when it came time for the show’s climax, something unexpected happened.

Brancheau stroked Tilikum’s head at the edge of the pool as part of the routine at the end of the show while he was lying on a slide. Slide-out is a platform in the collection that is submerged about a foot in the water. Brancheau was in the slide out with her face next to Tilikum’s. She was reportedly pulled underwater by her hair, according to SeaWorld. However, videos swirling around the internet show Tilikum grabbing Brancheau’s shoulder, quickly pulling her down and drowning her.

To avoid Tilikum, SeaWorld employees dropped food and used nets to catch it. They eventually directed Tilikum to a smaller medicinal pool, thinking it would be easier to calm him down there. But it was too late. Tilikum released Branche’s body after about 45 minutes, and she was dead by then.

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