What does TZP inhalant do in deadly company? Answered

As you progress in Lethal Company and your win rate continues to increase, you will need more resources to gain an advantage over enemies. Here’s how to get TZP Inhalant and what it does in Lethal Company.

How to get TZP Inhalants in Lethal Company

You can purchase TZP inhalants in your ship Terminal memory for 120 scrap. Enter the following to enter the shop: save Enter the terminal to display the list, then enter Tzp inhalants And confirm.

Once you have purchased the TZP inhalant, you can use it by holding down the left mouse button and consuming the substance while it takes effect.

What does TZP inhalant do in deadly company?

TZP inhalant is an item that increases your speed And reduces stamina consumption while sprinting and jumping. As you use it more often, your vision will blur slightly, making it harder to see enemies and objects on your screen.

With this in mind, the TZP inhalant has some clear advantages and disadvantages. Because even if you can run through a facility, it’s not much use if you can’t see what’s happening.

Strategies for the use of TZP inhalants in lethal society

The main benefits of using TZP inhalants are that one receives an increase in speed and increased endurance to escape a dangerous situation. If you suspect that you will encounter several enemies or monsters in the open air that you cannot fight, you can use this to increase your chances of survival.

While not always effective against fast opponents, a small boost can have a significant impact on certain situations.

Another benefit of the TZP inhalant is that it uses its speed increase to run back and forth between a lunar facility and your ship. Reducing the time it takes to deliver items can help your team tremendously, especially if you have numerous valuables that require multiple trips. If you’re the fast deliverer, the rest of your crew can focus on collecting more items and dealing with monsters.

Speaking of valuables, be sure to check out Lethal Company’s device value to see how close you are to hitting your win quota, or click the tag below to browse our growing list of items.

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