What happens at the end of Bayonetta 3? End (spoilers), explained

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Bayonetta 3 is the highly anticipated third installment in the series, delivering the same over-the-top action and story fans love. However, his ending is extremely insane, even for a bayonetta title. You may be wondering what happens at the end of Bayonetta 3. We’ve prepared a statement below, but be warned; There are massive spoilers for Bayonetta 3.

The end of Bayonetta 3 explained

The Bayonetta story has always been wild, but Bayonetta 3 takes it to the extreme. In order to understand the ending of Bayonetta 3, a few factors must first be explained. This refers to Viola, Cereza, Singularity and the different bayonets from different universes. Here’s an abbreviated explanation of what’s happening, but read below for a more detailed explanation.

  • Bayonetta 3 Bayonetta is actually Cereza.
  • Viola is the daughter of Bayonetta and Lukas.
  • Singularity weakens Bayonetta to the point where her eye of the world shatters.
  • Bayonetta’s soul and Luka in love are dragged to hell.
  • Fighting a shadow of Bayonetta, Viola learns one final lesson and a new name. Bayonetta is actually a family name and Viola is the new Bayonetta.
  • Bayonetta and Luka may still live in different universes.
  • Viola could be the protagonist in the future Bayonetta series.

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viola appears seemingly out of the blue, and while there are hints throughout the game, we only get confirmation at the end of the game. But this shadow witch is who daughter by Bayonetta and Luka from another universe. A key clue to this can be spotted with closed captions turned on, as Viola almost calls Bayonetta her mother and breaks off with just mom.

A long-held fan theory has it that the bayonet in the 3rd is actually Cereza, the young girl from Bayonetta 1. This is confirmed at the end of the game when just before the Cereza Bayonetta is killed by Singularity, she is rescued by the original Bayonetta. We even get the same line from Bayonetta 1 when she first saves Cereza.

Singularity is the main antagonist of Bayonetta 3 and the force behind the Humonculi. As the game progresses, we learn that Singularity has killed various Bayonettas in different universes, including Jeanne. In the final confrontation, Bayonetta is able to wound Singularity enough to unleash these various Bayonettas. Together they beat up Singularity and eventually defeat him.

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But at the end of the game bayonet (Cereza) seems to die, fall in hell in the embrace of Luke. It is then revealed that Bayonetta (Cereza) is in love with Luka, debunking a popular fan theory that Bayonetta and Jeanne were romantically involved. As Bayonetta’s (Cereza) soul and Luka are dragged to Hell, Luka assures her that Viola is safe.

Which brings us to Viola, alive after the final confrontation with Singularity. But in a post-credits scene, the player controls Viola fighting a dark form of Bayonetta. Defeating this form reveals this as the final lesson from her mother telling her she needs a new name. This leads to Rodin Call Viola Bayonettait turns out this is the family name all along, and not the name of the main character.

With this revelation and Bayonetta seemingly dead, it could be that Viola will be the new protagonist for future Bayonetta games that evolve. It’s entirely possible we’ll see the actual Bayonetta again, especially after Rodin’s comment and the fact that Bayonetta appears to disappear from Bayonetta 1 and 2 after breaking up with Cereza to defeat Singularity.

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