What is HHC? Apocalypse-ready THC & Hydrogenated Cannabinoids

THC in its most stable form is hexa hydrocannabinol (HHC).

It is resistant to heat and UV radiation, and has a significantly longer shelf-life than THC.

What is HHC?

Hydroxyhex hydrocannabinol is also known as HHC. There are many forms of hydrogenated THC.

The shelf-life of this cannabinoid can be extended by saturating it with hydrogen atoms. As a result, the effect profile is not affected.

HHC can be found in nature, but only in trace amounts. To sell this cannabinoid to companies, they will need to make it in a laboratory.

HHC is essentially THC without double bonds. It is the opposite of CBN (cannabinol), the molecule that forms when THC is broken down and gains more double-bonds.

Although the difference may not be obvious, it changes the geometry and binding affinity of the molecule to the CB1 or CB2 endocannabinoid and TRP pain receptors.

The molecule is also more stable, meaning that it will last longer before losing its potency. The same reason hydrogenated vegetable oils last longer than regular vegetable oil is because of this. It is less susceptible to oxidation or breakdown when it is saturated with its chemical structure.

As well as being heat and UV resistant, the compound is also more durable. HHC is a great apocalypse cannabis because it can be stored for as long as possible.

A natural form of THC is THC Delta 9 THC. Furthermore, it is one of the most unstable. It loses hydrogen atoms as it oxidizes and forms new double bonds on top of its ring structure. This is when THC (cannabinol), which contains only 10% of THC’s psychoactivity, becomes CBN (cannabinol).

What is HHC?

A hydrogenated, semi-synthetic form of THC is known as HHC.

HHC has similar effects and potency to THC, but is less powerful.

HHC has a significantly longer shelf life and is more resistant to UV or high heat exposure.

HHC’s safety profile is still unclear, but it appears to be safe.

Is HHC really a flower?

HHC is the natural cannabinoid in hemp. While HHC has the same effects of THC, there are a few key differences. HHC is a naturally occurring cannabinoid derived from hemp. It is legal under all 50 U.S. federal laws.

How strong is HHC-flower?

HHC is roughly 70% to 80% stronger than THC. HHC can cause a similar effect to THC in moderate doses, but it has been reported to have more relaxing effects and sedative qualities than Delta-8. You can buy HHC flowers online from ATLRx, the most reputable brand in the industry.

What are the effects of HHC?

In terms of its effects, HHC is very similar to THC. Euphoria and stimulation are felt, along with altered visual and auditory perceptions, heart rate, body temperature, headspace, and cognition.

Many users claim that HHC’s effects are similar to delta 8 THC, in that they are more geared towards relaxation than stimulation. Although HHC is stronger than delta 8, it is slightly less potent than delta 9 THC.

HHC is still a new compound, so not many studies are available to assess its therapeutic potential. However, this cannabinoid seems to offer most of the same therapeutic effect profile that other forms of THC. Click ATLRx to learn more about the effects of HHC flower.

Is HHC Legal?

There is much debate about the legality and legality of cannabinoids such as HHC or delta-8 THC. Bearly Legal, a company that plans to sell HHC claims it is legal because it naturally occurs. It is not found in significant amounts in nature, so it must be manufactured in a laboratory to make any usable supply.

It is not clear whether this is a synthetic or natural compound.

HHC can be naturally derived from hemp and marijuana flowers. We don’t label it synthetic caffeine if it is produced in a laboratory — it’s just coffee.

The argument that HHC is synthetically-derived comes down to the fact that in order to get any meaningful quantities, we need to convert it from other compounds using chemicals and technology.

It can be legal if it is natural as long as the legal threshold of 0.3% delta9 THC remains in the final product and the hemp used as the source material.

HHC can be deemed synthetic and is therefore illegal at the federal level.

Huynh Nguyen

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