What is included in the Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Season Pass?

A new season has begun in Destiny 2. Season of the Haunted takes Guardians back to the moon and aboard a newly haunted Leviathan. Knowing that all Wardens are motivated by loot, this Season Pass is packed with it.

Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted Season Pass Rewards

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level Free bonus
1 Tresspasser Exotic Sidearm
2 upgrade modules Opulent Umbral Energy
3 mica Ritual Glimmer Boost
4 upgrade modules Enhancement Core
5 Legendary Shards Small fireteam XP boost
6 mica Graceful phantom shader
7 Eververse Engram Small XP boost
8th upgrade module planetary materials
9 light dust mica
10 Legendary Shards Swing of the Scythe Finisher
11 upgrade modules Catalyst Quest Boost Alpha
12 mica Crown of Sorrow Efficiency I
13 Eververse Engram Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
14 upgrade modules Legendary Shards
15 Enhancement Core Enhancement Core
16 mica Small XP boost
17 Eververse Engram mica
18 upgrade modules Egregor entrance
19 light dust planetary materials
20 Exotic Engram Legendary Shard disassembly bonus
21 upgrade modules Legendary Shards
22 Catalyst Quest Boost Omega
23 Eververse Engram mica
24 Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
25 Legendary Engram Exotic Engram
26 upgrade modules Small fireteam XP boost
27 Eververse Engram light dust
28 Season of the Haunted Arms Masterwork Boost
29 light dust planetary materials
30 Pale Horse Sparrow
31 Legendary Shards
32 Crown of Sorrow Efficiency II
33 Eververse Engram Enhancement Core
34 upgrade modules
35 Tresspasser Exotic Sidearm Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
36 Small XP boost
37 Eververse Engram mica
38 Haunted Legs Season Masterwork Boost
39 planetary materials
40 light dust Spectral indigo shader
41 Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
42 Enhancement Core
43 Eververse Engram armor scrounger
44 Legendary Shards
45 Reaper projection
46 Small XP boost
47 Eververse Engram upgrade module
48 Haunted Class Season Masterwork Boost
49 planetary materials
50 light dust Fantastic case
51 Firefright Masterwork Bonus
52 Opulent Umbral Energy
53 Eververse Engram Enhancement Core
54 Exotic Engram
55 Exotic Cipher Armor of the Haunted Umbral Engram
56 Small fireteam XP boost
57 Eververse Engram class weapons
58 Haunted Chest Season Masterwork Bonus
59 planetary materials
60 light dust Class legs
61 Masterwork bonus with no regrets
62 mica
63 Eververse Engram improvement prism
64 Poor universal ornament
65 Exotic Engram Exotic Engram
66 Small XP boost
67 Eververse Engram Class Mark/Bond/Cloak
68 Season of the Haunted Head Masterwork Bonus
69 planetary materials
70 light dust Opulent Umbral Energy
71 gunbubble
72 improvement prism
73 Eververse Engram Legs universal ornament
74 Exotic Engram
75 raid banner
76 Small XP boost
77 Eververse Engram class chest
78 light dust
79 planetary materials
80 light dust Cabal loyalty emote
81 Advanced Gunbubbler
82 mica
83 Eververse Engram Class Item Ornament
84 upgrade modules
85 Enhancement Core
86 Small fireteam XP boost
87 Eververse Engram Class helmet
88 Exotic Engram
89 planetary materials
90 light dust Enhancement Core
91 class breast ornament
92 Opulent Umbral Energy
93 Eververse Engram raid banner
94 Enhancement Core
95 planetary materials
96 light dust
97 Eververse Engram Class Helm Ornament
98 Exotic Engram
99 Rain Shower Emote
100 light dust One wrong step ornament

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