What should Boston Red Sox boss Chaim Bloom do?

How well should a GM/executive director’s tenure go if the first order of business is to trade baseball’s best player? That was the path set for Chaim Bloom, who came to Fenway from Tampa, probably hoping he could build a Rays-with-money team like Andrew Friedman did in Los Angeles. And then he was forced to punt Mookie Betts to Friedman because Fenway Sports Group decided it didn’t want to pay Betts or anyone else anymore.

So that’s where it starts. Even if Bloom had hit a home run with the Betts deal, there would be no replacement for a regular MVP candidate. But Bloom has by no means hit a home run with this deal, even though the market for him wouldn’t be as big as one might imagine given the caliber of player Betts was and still was and his status of being a year away from free agency think. Still, everything the Sox have to show for it is a solid routine at best Player in Alex Verdugo and that’s it. Jeter Downs isn’t even part of the Red Sox anymore. Connor Wong is 27 and has played 146 games in the MLB. This is quite a hassle to work around when a GM doesn’t even have his pictures set up in the office yet.

Another thing going against Bloom is that he followed Dave Dombrowski, who is known for bringing success to a team but also completely destroying their system. offers for Chris Sale And Craig Kimbrel and others destroyed what few prospects the Red Sox had. Bloom had a clean slate, but there was still a lot of work to be done to make up for it.

And what’s more, Bloom clearly had strict instructions from the FSG to reduce the wage bill. That meant he was always up against the players the Red Sox developed, namely Xander Bogaerts and Rafael Devers (who were signed or drafted long before Dombrowski), as well as an aging player JD Martinez. And then competing in a division with New York Yankees who can spend money or the Baltimore Orioles and their edge and wealth in building a roster of prospects or Tampa Bay Radiance and their black magic and whatever the Toronto Blue is Jays do it.

Bloom was also unlucky because he was tasked with rebuilding a minor league system at a time when the pandemic would make things terribly confusing. Either draft players who hadn’t played in a year or new draftees who had to sit out a year because there was no minor league baseball. It was difficult for many teams to negotiate.

That doesn’t mean Bloom is innocent. He handed Chris Sale a contract extension a few days earlier Southpaw Arm exploded. He signed Trevor Story without really having a place to play at the time, before his arm also exploded. Cory Kluber and James Paxton were stopgap. The rotation was never strengthened after Sale’s injury and the departure of Nathan Eovaldi and Eduardo Rodriguez in free agency. Maybe that also had something to do with the bear trap that the FSG had laid over the team’s checking account. If you look at the current squad, there are some It can be said that Bloom didn’t add many important things to the team in the long run. Verdugo maybe? He extended Devers. What’s the story now? Wilyer Abreu is now back up there after Christian Vasquez’s move, maybe he can have a chance? Bloom’s work in the last few drafts cannot be evaluated for a few years.

Red Sox fans will be focused on what could be their second straight last place finish in the East. But a last place finish in the East isn’t the same as anywhere else. The Sox are currently over .500 and won 78 games last year. They are not the Rocky Mountains.

It is difficult to know exactly under what conditions Bloom worked and how much John Henry regulated the entire organization. Surely, With Liverpool and the Penguins, the FSG is now a little more spread out.

The austerity of the FSG meant that many gaps were forced upon Bloom, and we will never know how many resources he was given to fill them. But he hasn’t cast them well either, and Jersey St’s patience is never too great. Whoever comes after Bloom needs to know what FSG wants from the Red Sox. If they don’t return to their free-spending ways, then they exist The new GM will have to wait out many contracts or find a way to leave them in the dumpster outside Fenway. It seems almost impossible Work.

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