What to Choose: Wired or Wireless Headphones

In the market for headphones? Maybe you are torn between buying a wired or wireless model. Both allow you to listen to your favorite Spotify playlists while commuting to school, work, or working out. Wireless headphones are more popular than their wired counterparts but never underestimate the appeal of wired headphones. This article considers the pros and cons to help you make the best purchase decision. 

Why Choose Wired Headphones? 

From the name itself, wired headphones use jacks and plugs to transmit sound from the device to the headphones. These devices have been around since 1910 and have evolved over the years. If you want quality sound, wired headphones fit the billing perfectly. It can give you the feeling of listening to concert music. 

Advantages of Wired Headphones 

While wired headphones are considered older than their wireless counterparts, most people still prefer them. Studies show that wired headphones generated 83% of unit sales compared to only 17% of wireless. This is because it has benefits that wireless headphones still cannot match. Let’s enumerate them. 

Better Sound Quality 

Although wireless technology has shown much improvement over the years, nothing can match the audio quality of wired headphones. When it comes to handling data, the analog signals of wired headphones can carry more than the Bluetooth technology of wireless headphones. It does not need to do audio compression; you get the sound in full resolution. 


Wired headphones carry a lesser price tag than wireless ones. Why is this so? The former is easier to repair, and the latter is more expensive to develop and manufacture. When it comes to replacement parts, the components for wired headphones are more affordable and readily available. 

No Charging Needed 

Wired headphones mostly on cables connected to your device’s audio jack. It does not need batteries. All you need to do is plug your headphones into the audio source, and you can enjoy countless hours of music without worrying that your battery will die down anytime. 

Disadvantages of Wired Headphones 

Wired headphones also have their disadvantages. Check out these cons to see if they are right for you. 


Although the cable gives you the advantage of listening to music for as long as you want, it can also be a disadvantage because it can be a distraction. For instance, it can get in your way if you are working out or doing other activities; it can be annoying because it can easily tangle and get caught in something. 


Most modern audio devices have made the 3.5-mm audio jack the universal standard for connecting audio devices to headphones. Over the years, however, some brands are starting to use different types of jacks, and others have completely ditched them. Also, the audio jack of your headphone may not be compatible with the audio jack of your PC. To address this issue, you can buy some headset splitters. 

Wireless Headphones 

Nowadays, people have switched to listening to music or watching videos with wireless headphones. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of wireless headphones. 


Here are the pros of using wireless headphones 

Freedom of Movement

With wireless headphones, you do not have to worry about getting entangled with any cables. It will be more convenient for you to do your daily activities while grooving to your favorite beat. 

No Compatibility Issues 

Bluetooth has become the new standard in audio transmission, from smartwatches to audio devices. The continuous advancement in technology has increased the demand for wireless headphones. According to studies, the revenue forecast for wireless headphones will be US$3.41 billion by 2027. 


Since they do not have wires and other components, you can easily carry them around wherever you go. Its compact design makes the wireless headphone a great option for people who love music. Addicted to Audio Headphones are lightweight and give less stress to your head. 

Additional Features 

Aside from allowing you to listen to music without wires, wireless headphones can do other things for you. For instance, it can connect to your preferred virtual assistant, whether it is Alexa, Siri, and other virtual robots. Some wireless headphones also offer sweat/water resistance. 


Although they have seen vast improvements in recent years, wireless headphones are still a work in progress. Here are some of the disadvantages of wireless headphones. 

Requires Charging 

Like your smartphones or tablets, wireless headphones have a short battery life on a single charge. This can be a challenge if you are going on a long ride and there is no way to charge your device. What makes matters worse is that wireless headphones can also drain your device’s battery. 

Costlier Than Wired Headphones 

The development and manufacturing work for wireless headphones can be cumbersome. Aside from research, it also takes a lot of testing on some models like Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and others. The price will depend on the brand, quality, and added features of the wireless headphone. Plus, the repair of the headphone can also be costly. 

Sound Quality 

Unlike wired headphones which rely on analog signals, wireless headphones can only handle so much information. However, most manufacturers will refute this and say that this only applies to data-heavy formats like FLAC, WAV, or ALAC. 

Which One Should I Buy? 

You should base it on personal preference and research. Regarding the burning question of which one to choose, there are certain things to consider to help you make your purchase decision. 

Convenience or Sound Quality?  

If you are after convenience, wireless headphones are a perfect choice. You can also connect it to your laptop or smartphone and receive calls while listening to music or watching videos simultaneously.  However, if it is the sound quality you prefer, choose wired headphones. 

You will realize that these headphones give you an immersive listening experience. In addition, you get better sound quality for every penny you spend. At the end of it all, it all comes down to your personal preference and lifestyle.

Huynh Nguyen

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