What’s the nasal spray trend on TikTok that doctors are warning about?

Recently, the viral nose tan trend started taking over TikTok, with many beauty influencers promoting sprays to get darker tan.

TikTok is the birthplace of many viral trends across the internet, and some of them have proven dangerous over the years.

The latest on the platform is the bizarre nose tan trend promoting inhalation sprays to get a darker tan.

What is the nasal spray trend?

Many beauty influencers have been on TikTok in the last few days began supporting the use of nasal sprays get a tan.

Many of these creators claimed that they sniff the spray before going to a tanning bed or exposing themselves to the sun as it helps them get a darker tan.

A simple Google search will show you how these products are being sold for as little as $29 by some companies.

As reported by todaysome of these products claim to contain synthetic chemicals like Melanotan or Melanotan II that act like hormones that our bodies make naturally.

However, once these videos went viral on TikTok, many Doctors issued warnings buck the trend, considering it not only ineffective but also very dangerous.

Doctors warn of the dangerous trend

Among the many concerns doctors have expressed about this trend, one of the most important is that the nasal tanning sprays are not FDA approved. They are also not approved by any other country.

“The problem with these drugs is that they mimic a naturally produced hormone that is released by our brain. These hormones have many far-reaching effects,” said Dr. Teo Soleymani, dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon at UCLA Health Today.

Additionally, any product that contains versions of the ingredients in these nasal tanning sprays can cause a lot of side effects on the body such as permanent darkening of the skin, vomiting and nausea.

It can even affect the user’s sexual health and lead to unwanted erections. The use of Melanotan can allegedly lead to problems with blood pressure and kidney function.

Therefore, the side effects of these nasal tanning sprays are more far-reaching than one can imagine.

Popular dermatologist Dr. Mellissa Levin narrated NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren that melanotan can darken moles and has also been linked to melanoma, the deadliest form of skin cancer.

Another danger of these nasal sprays is that they must be inhaled, influence the person’s mucous membrane and delicate nasal tissue.

TikTok removes dangerous and deceptive videos

TikTok has done a good job removing most of those misleading and dangerous nasal spray tanning videos.

In a statement to TODAY, TThe platform said: “Our Community Guidelines make it clear what content is allowed on TikTok.

“Our Illegal Activities and Regulated Goods Policy prohibits the promotion of nasal tanning sprays and we have removed the videos you shared with us.”

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