What’s up with the TikToks about clearing drains?

clogging of drains
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While the internet can certainly be a terrible place, there are odd nooks and little pockets that are meant for people who love a satisfying solution. Recently, people have been posting TikToks of clogged outdoor drains, and they’re surprisingly relaxing. Maybe it’s watching low-stakes problem-solving that keeps people going. Whatever it is, we’re just as obsessed with cleaning drains on TikTok. In fact, we feel quite blushed.

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Hell yes, we love seeing unclogged drains on TikTok.

Tired of watching videos of water just not bouncing? Well, we have the TikTok channel for you. Proceed to @unclogged_drains for the best and most innovative drainage videos and hacks. With over a million followers and four million likes for her videos, it seems this madness is here to stay.

A hoop used to clear a drain.

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If you’re anything like us, you’re asking yourself, “What’s clogging up in the great outdoors?”

The answer? Apparently everything and everyone. The most common culprit seems to come in the form of a slightly flooded street like in this video where the weapon of choice to rectify the situation is almost always a rake. After removing several pieces of trash, a small whirlpool will appear while the water begins to disappear. Warning, these videos are not for people suffering from trypophobia – fear of holes.

Some users find the whole process strangely fulfilling, while others seem focused on the listening experience. “The sound of the water is sooooo relaxing,” he commented @tea_with_ladii below yet another scene of intense water drainage. A lot of people seem intrigued by the idea that this is actually someone’s job.

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Yes, unclogging drains is a real chore.

Some of the TikToks on the @unclogged_drains profile are from the Post 10 YouTube channel. It’s run by a man named Dave who, according to the about section makes “videos about unclogging clogged sewers and drains, trains, experiments, machines, animals, trailcams, how-to’s, aquariums, reviews, things i love and more.” He didn’t just stumble across it, it’s a learned skill.

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Dave is actually trained in culvert inspections. What is a culvert? Great question. Accordingly civil today, a site devoted to civil engineering, a culvert is a “tunnel that passes a stream under a road or railroad. A culvert can serve as a bridge for traffic to pass on, for the purpose of a bridge or flow regulator.” They are usually a tunnel under a road that helps “limit the flow of water in a controlled manner”.

This endeavor is also hugely popular, as noted by the nearly 700,000 people who follow Dave’s YouTube channel. Below a video where Dave walks us through the Clearing of two culvert pipes, one follower commented: “I’m taking refuge in this channel. I love how this guy manages to make really good videos and show us how it all works, very satisfying.” And that’s really the point of finding contentment in a world that’s often ruled by chaos feels. Hats off to Dave, an agent of contentment.

https://www.distractify.com/p/unclogging-drains-tiktok What’s up with the TikToks about clearing drains?

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