When Ed Sheeran takes a trip to your local pub The Roost

The last place you’d expect Britain’s most famous musician to be is your local pub, right?

Well that’s what happened this week after singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran was spotted at The Roost – an intimate and friendly pub in Small Heath, Birmingham, which is literally down the road from me.

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Ed was at The Roost with Jaykae, a rapper from Birmingham

According to Ian Conner, owner of The Roost, the pub wasn’t at its busiest on Sunday, with just 25 patrons all ready and waiting for the weekly billiards tournament. Suddenly a certain British cult musician showed up and asked for a pint of Carling.

Ed arrived with Jaykae, another rapper from Small Heath, where they planned to stay for a “couple” while they played a game of pool. Conner has mentioned that Jaykae – who hails from Small Heath – is a regular at the pub, but no one expected Ed Sheeran to arrive on a normal Sunday afternoon.

The musical duo got quite tipsy by the end and apparently started singing along to Serani’s song with the other guests No games as well as to participate in the pool tournament on Sunday evening and to stay until the last order. You’re probably thinking, how did this even happen?

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But believe me if you’ve ever been to The Roost it wouldn’t be a huge surprise.

When Ed Sheeran is spotted in your local bar…

Growing up in and around Birmingham with two Brummy parents from King’s Heath and Quinton, after college I used to go to the pub with my dad or friends on a regular basis. As a broke student, however, money was tight, so cheap drinks and deals and a good atmosphere were a must.

The Roost in Small Heath has always been our go-to spot for some of the cheapest pints in Birmingham, but it wasn’t just the deals that kept us coming back, but the oddly wonderful atmosphere and eccentric characters – so I can see why ed stayed to the last order as most who enter do.

The pub looks no different than your average British eatery, with lagers, TV screens in every corner to watch the game and a cozy beer garden, but somehow it’s always been unique and no other pub could match its oddly addictive glamour.

You could walk in for a ‘cold’ beer after work on a Tuesday and the next thing you know it’s quarter to midnight and you’re playing one of the pool tournaments or singing along to a terrifying British classic.

I think what makes us so keen on Brummies love for The Roost is its utter randomness but at the same time acceptance. Everyone goes there, with a whole cast of characters and personalities that you would never have expected but would end up chatting for hours over a pint in the beer garden.

So when I heard that Ed Sheeran was spotted there with Jaykae, it didn’t exactly surprise me, although it was shocking. The atmosphere is always lively and the people – including the staff and owners – know how to make an evening special and turn a Sunday beer into a karaoke night – which literally happened.

Sunday at The Roost

Going to Roost on Sundays was often the highlight of my week. I can literally remember thinking, “I wonder what’s going to happen today,” and I think that’s why my heart warmed when I saw what happened last Sunday, since it reminded me of the good old days.

The pub was always packed on a weekend as it is only a five minute walk from St Andrews Stadium so you always get an influx of Birmingham City fans on a weekend. I didn’t even like football, but I loved the atmosphere it created there.

Anyday at the Roost was good but Sundays were the best as you didn’t know when you were going to end up leaving, what was going to happen or who you were going to end up meeting – I mean, it’s never been cool like Ed Sheeran – but I did met great people there.

I would be surprised if Ed didn’t go back, it seems the two of them had a fantastic evening of karaoke, carling and pool and I can see why. The Roost is a pub like no other and if you are ever touring around Birmingham there is no place I would recommend you go to more – just make sure you have a lift home, I promise you They won’t stay just for one.

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https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2022/04/12/when-ed-sheeran-takes-a-trip-to-your-local-pub-the-roost/ When Ed Sheeran takes a trip to your local pub The Roost

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