When is Final Fantasy XVI coming out? Release Date, Trailers, Characters, Platforms and More!

Final Fantasy XVI closed the show for the PlayStation State of Play in June 2022. Delighted fans with a trailer that was a combination of cutscenes and gameplay, and all viewers were treated to more information like upcoming release date, characters and more.

Everything we know about Final Fantasy XVI

What is the Final Fantasy XVI release date?

Much earlier than fans expected, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XVI would be released Summer 2023. Many were anticipating a release of the highly anticipated holiday 2023 title. As long as it’s not delayed, next summer we have a great way to beat the heat.

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What platforms is Final Fantasy XIV supposed to be on?

Final Fantasy XVI will Released on PlayStation 5 as confirmed by the June 2022 PlayStation State of Play. Currently, FFXVI is exclusive to PS5 and there are no plans for a PS4, Xbox, or PC release.

What characters are in Final Fantasy XVI?

Clive Rosfield is the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. He is ready to inherit the phoenix flames and become its dominant. Instead, that honor fell to his younger brother Joshua. Clive then took the sword and became the First Shield of Rosaria and was assigned to guard the Phoenix. But after meeting Ifrit, his fate remains uncertain.

Joshua Rosfield is the second-born son of the Archduke of Rosaria and Clive’s younger brother by five years. Despite the great destiny that rests on his shoulders, Joshua remains grounded and kind to everyone around him. As bonded to Clive as he is, his world is turned upside down after Ifrit enters the picture.

Jill Warrick is the adopted sister of the Rosfield brothers. Born in the fallen Northern Territories, she became a ward of Rosaria. Despite not being related by blood, she is still very close to her brothers.

The Eikons shown were Garuda, titanium, Phoenix, Ifrit, Shiva, Odin, ramuhand Bahamut. Eikons are immensely powerful creatures. You are bound to a Dominator, who is a mortal blessed with the ability to summon the horrible creature. While some nations, like Rosaria, raise their dominants, other nations bind them out of fear and use them as weapons.

The world of Final Fantasy XVI

Valisthea is a magical land dotted with mother crystals. These mother crystals are crystalline mountains that rise into the sky and flood the surroundings with ether. The peoples of this world have gathered around these mother crystals and used the magic to build a comfortable life for themselves. However, the tenuous peace between these nations threatens to collapse as the spread of the plague sweeps across the lands.

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The nations of Valisthea

  • The Grand Duchy of Rosaria: The Dominant of the Phoenix serves as the Archduke of this coalition of provinces. Rosaria is located near the Drake’s Breath mother crystal. Despite many years of prosperity, this region is threatened by the spread of the plague.
  • The Holy Empire of Sanbreque: Sanbreque is a theocracy whose people worship their Holy Emperor as the living incarnation of the one true deity. It was founded around the mother crystal of Drake’s Head.
  • The Kingdom of Waloed: Located in the eastern half of Valisthea, Waloed is just entering a period of peace, having put down the rebellions of the orcs and beastmen. It uses the Drake’s Spine mother crystal.
  • The Dhalmek Republic: The Dhalmekian Republic consists of five states with elected MPs serving as representatives of their people. Titan’s Dominant serves as a Special Counsel to this Parliament and wields great influence. Her kingdom was built around the mother crystal of Drake’s Fang.
  • The Iron Kingdom: Consisting of a small group of islands off the coast of Storm in the western half of the twin kingdoms of Valisthea, the Iron Kingdom stands in stark contrast to the other five. The mother crystal, Drake’s Breath, sits at the center of one of their islands, where it is worshiped by the humans. They remain isolated from the other nations and execute all dominants born in their countries.
  • The crystalline domination: The Crystalline Empire serves as a federation of the other nations due to its location in the center of Valisthea and is built around the Drake’s Tail mother crystal. There is no dominant that calls this place home.

Final Fantasy XVI trailer

The trailer shows the power of the Eikons and their dominants. A war is looming, but an unknown force is trying to unite the Eikons to end the war. Like many entries before it, Final Fantasy XVI promises to be an epic story.

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