Where to find Red Potions in The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (N64/Switch version)

Link is a very skilled and capable fighter in the face of the forces of evil. He has defeated both Ganon and Ghirahim in the past, thereby earning him heroic fame. However, Link is not invincible, and these fierce battles will sometimes leave him with the consequences of disastrous curses. Unfortunately, conventional medicine can’t cure these ailments, so you’ll have to rely on something a little more Miracle to heal your wounds — Red Potions.

Where to find Red Potions

To gain access to Red Potions, you’ll first have to help a few troubled witches. Follow your path to Mysterious forest in the Southern Swamp, then follow the monkey guide until you come across a wounded witch named Koume. She will claim that the Skull Kid attacked her, causing her to need a little help to get up. Unfortunately, you won’t have anything to give her, so you’ll have to move on now.

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Go straight ahead Magic Hags ‘Potion Shop and talk to her sister, Kotake. Upon hearing about Koume’s situation, Kotake will give you a Red pill bottle let her injured siblings. Return to where you left Koume in the Mysterious Forest, then use the potion to heal the witch and restore her powers. Once this is done, the Red Potion will be available for purchase at the Magic Hags’ Potion Shop.

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Use red potion

Links can be affected by Jinx status effects while fighting against certain enemies, such as Blue Bubble. This will stop him from drawing his sword for a minute, although you can use Red Potion to Healing Link of this chronic illness. These potions are some of the ways to heal curses in the game, making them a valuable resource to have in your pocket.

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Additionally, Red potions are required to complete a number of side quests found around Termina, earning you a few nifty collectibles in the process. Example: give Red Potion to one injured soldiers will earn for you Ice Mask, a very useful tool for safely navigating the Pirate Fort area. Red Potions are a handy item to have on your journey across Termina, so be sure to stock up!

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