Where to get Sun Protection, Sun Blessing and Sun Grace in Lost Ark

Lost Ark works a little differently than many traditional MMORPGs. While you still level up your character through traditional quests, leveling up your gear is even more important. This becomes your main focus once you get closer to endgame as you use special honing materials and gold to boost your gear stats. When you get to T3 gear, you can improve your chance of successful upgrades by up to 20 percent using solar items. So, where to get sun protection, sun blessings and sun grace in Lost Ark?

How to get all materials for honing in Lost Ark

The three solar items are all available from the same locations. You can get all items from occasionally Quests and Events and even some as Login Rewards. They are also available from auction house via the Market Broker NPC in big cities, but they cost a lot of gold. If you want to pay real money, these items are often available in the Mari’s secret shop Area of ​​the shop in exchange for crystals (you can find the shop by pressing F4). But they are more often reached by the guild store, ghost shipsand The cube, as explained below.

They have different levels of rarity, with rarer items increasing your success rate by a higher percentage: Sun Protection (each a 1.25 percent increase in success), Sun Blessing (0.42 percent), and Sun’s Grace (0.21 percent). The amount of honing material you can use each time depends on the item’s tier.

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How to get sun protection from ghost ships

There are different ghost ships for different item levels. If you’re looking for T3 sun protection items, this is what you want Tempest ghost ship. This spawns southeast of Punika, and you can only get the rewards once a week. This is not easy as it is difficult to clear the ships within the time limit. And the recommended gear level for the Tempest ghost ship is 1370. When available, you can see the ghost ships on your main map or set the alarm for them.

How to get Solar Blessings from the Guild Store

If you are a guild member, you can go to the Sylmael Bloodstone Exchange NPC in every major city and trade bloodstones for Sun Supplemental Chests in the ticket menu. The number of chests you can buy depends on your guild level. And the items you get, while definitely Solar, are randomized between Protection, Blessing, and Grace.

How to get Solar Grace from The Cube

You must enter the T3 Dimensional Cube to get a chance for random solar item drops from the creatures inside. You can only enter the Cube if you have an entrance ticket.

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