Which Next Gen Episode Aired This Weekend 32 Years Ago?

Patrick Stewart


Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard in a scene from Allegiance.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard really wasn’t Captain Jean-Luc Picard a few times during the seven-year run Star Trek: The Next Generation. For example, he was possessed in “Conspiracy,” and the Borg assimilated him in the two-parter “Best of Both Worlds,” after which he presented himself as Locutus of Borg. Picard posed as a Romulan in the two-parter Union. Then there was “Allegiance,” a Season 3 episode in which Picard was kidnapped and replaced with a clone who appeared to be Picard in every way, at least physically, but behaved in a way that disconcerted the crew. “Allegiance” premiered on March 26, 1990, or this weekend 32 years ago Hard on Star Trek is here with a recap of the episode available to stream Outstanding+.

“Allegiance” was produced towards the end The next generation‘s third season. It was a classic example of a bottle show, an episode designed to save money. Some TNG Bottle shows that relied on flashbacks and others like “Allegiance” minimized costs by confining the action to just a few sets, shooting a story that required minimal visual effects, limited costumes and exotic alien makeup, and mostly themselves focus on the main characters. Such episodes often turned out great as they made the stars of the series shine and revealed new details about favorite characters.

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This episode was directed by the late Winrich Kolbe. It was one of 16 TNG Episodes that bear his name and he also directed 13 Hours Deep Space Nine18 installments of Travellerand a company adventure. He considered “Allegiance” to be one of his best TNG efforts. “I like ‘Allegiance’ because I enjoyed working with Patrick Stewart,” he said Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Official Magazine 1993. “He’s a very subtle actor. I remember talking to Patrick when he first started playing the clone. I said, ‘I think I need more of you.’ He thought about it and then gave me more. As we rehearsed the scene, we looked at each other and knew he was giving me too much. So we just withdrew it. Patrick is like Itzhak Perlman with a Stradivarius. You have to compare the Stradivari to the Joe Schmuck violin. To the untrained eye they are no different. But they are different, very different. Patrick played the good guy and the bad guy so close sometimes, but it was different and it was right.”

The visually striking alien species, the Bolians, were introduced in the Season 1 episode “Conspiracy” in the form of Captain Rixx. The blue aliens returned in Allegiance, with viewers experiencing first contact with a female Bolian, Mitena Haro (Joycelyn O’Brien). and star trek Fans would see a lot more from the Bolians as they made nine more appearances TNG and in all four TNG feature films, as well as on Deep Space Nine, Voyagerand the current shows discovery and Lower decks.

Picard is misbehaving

So what did the Picard clone, the Riker, Troi, Data, Dr. Crusher confused Wesley and Worf? He distracted the Enterprise from a current mission, insisting that it travel at a ridiculously slow speed that would take weeks rather than minutes to reach its destination. He would drop by the crew’s poker game, an action he would not repeat until the series finale several years later. He bought drinks for the crew at Ten Forward and led them to sing along to a tune called “Heart of Oak,” and he danced with Dr. crusher and kissed her. All of this was so very, very out of Picard’s nature, but a lot of fun for the fans.

Anyone watching Allegiance sees two large, telepathic, massive-headed aliens with tan skin and skin-tight blue outfits. They were played by real-life twin brothers Jerry and Jeff Rector. Not only are they identical twins, but they are actors, writers, producers, and directors who have appeared in numerous well-known projects over the past few decades. Jeff, for example, was there Wall Street, Hellmaster, Sliders, In Alienable (with Walter KingMarina Sirtis, Alan Ruck and a few others star trek actor) and American Horror Storywhile Jerry’s include acting credits Vampire’s Kiss, The Twilight Zone, Supernatural, The Strainand music videos by Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. And in 1996, Jeff and Jerry both appeared in “State of the Art,” an episode of slider. directed this episode star trek Veteran John Kretchmer, co-written by TNG Writer Tracy Torme, and starring Traveller Guest John Rhys-Davies and Lower decks voice actor Jerry O’Connellwho is married discovery recurring guest star and Strange New Worlds leading lady Rebekah Romijn.

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