Who are Uthid and Vanasha in Horizon Forbidden West?

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Both Uthid and Vanasha are characters first introduced in Horizon Zero Dawn. By the time Aloy met the two, Vanasha was deep in secrecy and Uthid was being hunted for crimes he didn’t commit. All of this has to do with politics regarding Carja and Shadow Carja.

Who is Vanasha?

Vanasha To be Marad’s the best agent, a good spy, or even better than him. Persecuted by many of Shadow Carja’s nobles, she grew to hate them. Her training as a Carja agent made it easy for her to infiltrate Shadow Carja and she would become the Queen’s direct maid, Nasadi. After watching Nasadi and Itamen Being held as a prisoner rather than a royal, she reveals herself to them and convinces them to defect to Carja.

By the time she met Aloy, Uthid is being charged with conspiring to kill Sun-King, Itamen. Vanasha’s desire to protect Uthid and enlist Aloy’s help comes from the fact that she spends a lot of time with Uthid, Nasadi and Itamen and sees that they share the same ideals. Make Itamen and Nasadi both submit to Carja and anoint Avad like Sun-King making Shadow Carja disband. Aloy’s help in saving Uthid, killing his accusers, and helping Nasadi and Itamen wouldn’t have been possible without all the work Vanasha had done during her two years as a spy.

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Who is Uthid?

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Uthid was a Carja soldier who later became part of Shadow Carja after Helis and Bahavas group formation. He joins them as a means of tracking down Itamen, whom he believes is the real Sun-King and not the real Sun-King. Avad. Avad and Itamen are both sons of the previous Sun-King, Jiran, whom Uthid had faithfully served. Because Helis and Bahavas used Itamen as puppets, they gained a lot of power as a separate faction, the Shadow Carja.

Eventually, Uthid began to doubt how Helis and Bahavas were running things and in response, Bahavas tried to kill Itamen. Uthid thwarted this murderous plot, transferring the assassin to Bahavas himself without knowing he was the one who ordered the attack. In response, Uthid was then hunted by the Bahavas’ men to cover up his evil plans. Vanasha recruited Aloy to help save Uthid and clear his name, killing the group of bounty hunters pursuing him. After being saved, Uthid defected back to Carja until his name was cleared and became a military advisor to Avad. Both he and Vanasha fought alongside Aloy in Battle of the meridians.

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