Why pros are obsessed with this type of putter

Counterweight putters lead well-known professionals to victory.

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Do you want to improve your putting? Why not try out the hottest type of putter on tour right now – a balanced putter.

Counterbalance putters are nothing new in golf, but since the recent victories of Viktor Hovland, Wyndham Clark and Lucas Glover, they have quickly made headlines and gained popularity.

These putters are making big waves on tour, and now everyone wants one. But what does it actually mean to balance a putter?

As with most aspects of golf, it seems complicated, but it’s just a bit of simple physics.

Essentially, it’s a method of further distributing the weight of the putter to the grip side to put more mass in your hands by adding an additional 3 to 5 inches of shaft length and an extra-long 17-inch grip .

A more even distribution of the putter’s weight along the length of the shaft helps create greater awareness of the face when putting, which (when done correctly) ultimately results in the ball rolling, well…better.

Since statistically about 40% of your golf shots are putts, improving your putting could be one of the most crucial aspects of your golf game.

Maybe these balanced putters are worth a try. Seems to work with the professionals.

Here’s how Ryan Barath from the Fully Equipment Podcast explains the science behind balanced putterswhich you can read more about here.

It is simply a putter that has a longer overall length compared to a standard length putter to provide additional stability. This additional length, usually paired with a larger and heavier oversized grip, helps distribute more mass to the golfer’s hands to counteract a heavier putter head and produce a smoother putting stroke.

The reason for this is that most golfers have problems with distance control when a putter head is too heavy compared to the rest of the putter, and more mass near the hands (counterweight) causes the head to be heavier and reduces head stability is increased This creates more control over the head.

To take this out of the golf realm and conceptualize it differently – imagine a broom. If you hold it at the very end of the handle, point the bristle end upwards, and move it back and forth, it feels relatively difficult to control. Now, if you hold the bristle end of the same broom, that handle will be much easier to move because you have brought the mass of the object closer to your hands. The mass of the broom hasn’t actually changed, but how it feels because the mass is placed in relation to you makes the difference.

This also improves the pace. And considering that pace is one of the biggest concerns for golfers, especially with shorter putts, having a balanced putter within 6 feet can really help – and who wouldn’t want to make a few more short putts?

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