Why Should You Clean or Change Your Dirty Air Filter Often?

The air filter in your air conditioner does more than merely contribute to the clean air produced by the system. Maintaining clean air filters is one of the most crucial activities you can take to ensure the health of your air conditioner. This is because it prevents all of these potential problems, increases the air conditioner’s energy efficiency, and helps you avoid spending money on repairs.

Potential Problems Caused by a Dirty Air Filter 

The following is an example of what may occur if you do not keep up with the replacement of your air filters: 

Short-Cycling: Your air conditioner is designed to turn on and off at regular intervals throughout the day; however, if your unit’s air filter is unclean, it may cause these intervals to occur more frequently than they would otherwise. This results in additional negative environmental impacts, including noise pollution, energy waste, and uncomfortably fluctuating temperatures. 

Freezing Up: If you have a good air filter and keep it clean, it will allow air to flow freely out of your unit. A dirty air filter will block the passage of cold air, which will cause cold air to accumulate inside the air conditioner, bringing the temperature down. Because of the accumulation of cold air, the coils may eventually become covered in ice if given sufficient time. 

Uneven Cooling: Even if it isn’t enough to cause freezing, airflow that is constricted like this is bad for the efficiency of your air conditioner since it prevents cool air from circulating. You will observe hot and cold regions due to uneven cooling, resulting in decreased comfort at an increased expense. 

Allergen Buildup: It’s of the utmost importance to maintain clean air filters in your home if any family member or household suffers from respiratory allergies or asthma. If your filter is unclean, it may cause allergens to accumulate in your duct system, which will remain for several months. These allergens will be distributed throughout the space where you breathe whenever a forced air system operates. You may have a mold issue in the ducts. 

General Wear and Tear: When properly maintained, air conditioners last for a more extended period. A faulty air filter can cause additional wear and tear that can lead to serious maintenance concerns in the future; a good air filter will help to prevent dust and grime from building up on all of the unit’s interior components, which will help prevent buildup in the first place. You may need to purchase a new air conditioner one or two years earlier than you had anticipated, and in the interim, you can spend a lot of money on costly air conditioning repairs. 

Dealing with a Dirty Air Filter

If the issues you’re having are due to a dirty air filter, there are several simple solutions you may test out before giving up and calling in an expert. To clean your air filter, remove it from your heating system, shake off any loose debris, and then clean it by putting it through a cycle in hot water. After properly allowing the filter to dry out, you can replace it in the system. If the issue persists, you should get a new filter to replace the one you already have.

If you have already cleaned your filter or bought a new one but are still having issues with your home’s cooling system, you may need to contact a skilled HVAC technician.

Huynh Nguyen

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