Why the movie has the new Morpheus and agent Smith

Matrix Recovery are on HBO Max and in theaters now. The fourth Matrix movie combines familiar faces like Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss with new versions of characters from the original film.

Although Reeves and Moss return as Neo and Trinity, their former co-stars Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving are not returning as Mopheus and Agent Smith – allegedly because Lana Wachowski didn’t ask them to be in the film.

Actors who do not appear in the film (except for many clips of the original film which were edited to Revival), but their characters do. The movie gives us updated versions of Morpheus and Smith which is important to understand exactly what’s going on in the movie.

Obviously, we can’t explain the new Morpheus and Smith’s roles in the movie without diving into the plot Matrix 4, so the plot revealed forward.

Who is the new Agent Smith in Matrix Recovery?

smith . agent matrix
Jonathan Groff as Smith in “The Matrix Resurrections.” This character is a reimagined version of Agent Smith.
Warner Bros.

This is the easiest change to explain of the two casting changes. For the new film, the role that was once inhabited by Hugo Weaving is now played by Jonathan Groff of Hamilton, looking for and Mind hunter.

The reason why Weaving was replaced is the central plot of Revival – after Neo and Trinity died at the end Revolution, they are resurrected (resurrected) and connected to a new, different Matrix.

In this new computer program, Neo is Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer who gained worldwide fame for creating a video game called Matrix. Meanwhile, Smith disguises himself as Neo’s business partner, so he can spy on Neo constantly.

This isn’t the only change made to prevent Neo from breaking out of the Matrix again. The analyst (Neil Patrick Harris) has made some changes to the code so that Smith can now exploit any consciousness in the virtual world without turning them into a simulation of himself, creating The “swarm” that Neo and Trinity fight in the final action movie.

Who is the new Morpheus in Matrix Recovery?

matrix maten yahya Abdul
Yahya Abdul-Mateen II in “The Matrix Resurrections.” His version of Morpheus is a completely new character.
Warner Bros

That would be Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, of The guard and Candy man reputation. However, his is a very different version of Morpheus than the one played by Laurence Fishburne.

When we meet Anderson at the beginning Revival, he is looking at his video game code Matrix. Using that game’s engine, he’s running an action loop of the game that mimics the scene from the original movie in which the agents come looking for Trinity.

One of these agents, formed later in the game, was created by Anderson as a combination of his memories of Morpheus and Agent Smith. Thus, Morpheus of Revival not the real Morpheus, but a version of him made with computer code, recreated from Neo’s memories of his old friend.

Why is he doing this? The film assumes this is Neo’s unconscious mind giving him a way to escape the pseudo-reality he is trapped in. By creating an agent character with a bit of Morpheus inside of him, Neo knew that the character would be smart enough to recognize him. is in a video game, and will then be able to get out of it and help Neo/Anderson get out of the New Matrix. Of course, this is what happens after Bugs (Jessica Henwick) infiltrates the game and teams up with Morpheus.

As is typical of some of the ideas in Matrix Recovery, which makes less sense when you think about it. The movie also tells us that the makers of Matrix Neo are stuck in creating Matrix video games as a way to explain the flashbacks he continues to encounter about his previous life.

The analyst tells him that he tends to suffer from psychosis in which he cannot distinguish between “reality” (i.e. the reality of the Matrix Neo is stuck in) and the fiction of the game. playing video games – while it is true that a video game is a novel designed to hide the reality of Neo’s life. (Still keeping up?)

Why did the makers of these new Matrix create this video game story to control Neo, only to allow Neo to put a character in it that would eventually allow him to escape? And who really made the video game, Neo or The Analyst? The movie doesn’t find time to explain in the many (many) minutes of explanation in the movie.

What happened to the real Morpheus? In Online Matrix, the character died in an attempt to retrieve Neo’s body from the machine. Resurrections makes no mention of this, but implies that the character died when Niobe (Jada Pinkett Smith) took Neo to what looked like a memorial to the one-time captain of Nebuchadnezzar.

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