Why ULTRAKILL is the coolest game ever

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Humanity is dead, blood is fuel and hell is full. This is the only context you need to start playing ULTRAKILL. In this game you are a machine that feeds on blood to survive. Humanity is extinct, and machines like you are the only creatures left on Earth. When there is no source of blood on the surface, you dig into Hell to quench your thirst.

From a gameplay perspective, this looks like pure chaos at breakneck speed. Every projectile you fire feels like it’s been dying to destroy it since the beginning of time. Your weapons act as extensions of your arm, limited only by your reaction speed and dexterity. My personal favorite weapon is the Marksman revolver, which requires you to flick a coin and shoot from the air. Hitting the coin will automatically redirect your bullet to the enemy’s weak point, and this maneuver can take down some opponents in one shot. Although the Marksman Revolver is quite powerful, it requires intense concentration. However, once mastered, it looks graceful.

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Image via New Blood Interactive

The most intriguing aspect of ULTRAKILL is its ability to cast effortlessly. When I first saw my friend attempt a speed run of the game, I was amazed. Every move he made was intentional and precise, and he skimmed the map like it was ice when I’d just learned to limp along the outer wall.

ULTRAKILL is not easy, although experienced players make it seem so. To defeat enemies and gain combat style ranks, you must dash between equipped weapons, dodge melee attacks, and parry projectiles. The only way to regain health is by dealing damage at close range, forcing you to get really close at low HP. Your opponents move fast and shoot faster, which requires absolute concentration. Because ULTRAKILL requires you to perform multiple mechanics at once, it has a steep learning curve. However, when you embark on the pursuit of mastery, you begin to see something exciting.

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Image via New Blood Interactive

You’ll start thinking, “I’ve got the hang of it. I hit coins in the air, I dodge difficult attacks, and I can parry now. Everything seems natural and I don’t have to consciously think about every action. That feels great.”

This is where ULTRAKILL really shines, in those moments where you can see the progress with your own eyes. With your newfound experience, you’ll be able to perform maneuvers you previously thought impossible. You understand the rhythm of combat, and even if you can’t explain how, you can elegantly break through attacks. It’s absolutely exhilarating.

Even if I haven’t fully mastered it yet, insights like these encourage me to keep going. They remind me of how far I’ve come as a player and invite me to hone my skills to the max. I may be able to flip a coin in mid-air, but how about two? Can I complete a boss fight without dying? These questions fuel my urge to progress and make me find my limits and push them. One day I hope to make ULTRAKILL look easy like my friend who gracefully ran through the most difficult sections of the game.

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