Wife of George Wagner IV – The Ex-Partner Story

Wife of George Wagner IV – The Ex-Partner StoryThe ex-wife of Georg Wagner IV took the position Monday to describe her life with the family, including how her former mother-in-law dictated her sex life and accused her of stealing and abusing her son.

Wife of George Wagner IV - The Ex-Partner Story

Tabitha Claytor said she first dated Wagner when she was 12 years old. They broke up but rekindled their relationship when she was 18 after the victim Hanna May Rhoden contacted her on Facebook and asked her to meet Wagner again. Hanna May was with Wagner’s younger brother, Jak Wagner. He pleaded guilty last year, admitting that he and his family murdered the eight members of the Rhoden and Gilley families so they could have sole custody of the daughter he shared with Hanna May Rhoden. His mother, Angela WagnerShe has also pleaded guilty to her role in the conspiracy and agreed to testify against George and his father. Bill Wagner.Read…

Claytor testimony – life in the Wagner home

Claytor testified she and Wagner married in 2012 and had their son Bulvine eight months later in 2013 Rd. near the sprawling Flying W horse farm owned by Billy Wagner’s parents, Bob Wagner and Frederick Wagner. Claytor said she met the Wagners because her mother worked for Fredericka at a dorm she owned.

Claytor recalled that her mother and sister were only allowed to visit her once in that house.

“They didn’t like my family,” Claytor said.

Claytor also recalled discussions Angela Wagner had with her and George at the kitchen table and in their bedroom, during which Angela Wagner told them, “You mustn’t give blowjobs or you’re going to hell.” Claytor said Angela had them said sex is only for having children.

Claytor said when she gave birth to Bulvine, George and Angela were at the hospital with her and Angela actually spent the night. Claytor said she wanted her mother to spend the night with her in the hospital. Claytor said her mother didn’t meet her son until he was 1 1/2 years old.

After her son was born, Claytor said she wanted him to sleep with her or in his crib next to her bed. But Angela Wagner said the boy would sleep with her and Billy, the witness said.

“Angela’s house, Angela’s rules,” Claytor said when asked who made the decisions at the home. She said George went along with his mother’s decisions.

She described an isolated existence on Bethel Hill Road. property, where she said the Wagners planned to burn down the house to collect a $250,000 insurance policy. She recalled helping the family move furniture, photographs, and other items from the house to keep them from being destroyed by the fire, and buying Angela Wagner purchase books, which they filled out to submit to the insurance company.

Claytor told jurors that one day she and Angela Wagner went out to buy decorations to celebrate Bulvine’s first month, and when she returned from the store she quoted Angela Wagner as saying, “Oh, I hope that’s it not ours” after seeing a trail of smoke. Claytor said the Wagners started the fire with an overflowing drip pan and a propane stove.

Claytor said the Wagners used the money to buy another house on Peterson Rd., where she lived with the Wagners and Hanna May Rhoden. The witness said she and Hanna May didn’t get along because “we always fought for Angela’s approval.”

Claytor is scheduled to return to the stand Tuesday morning. She is to testify that she fled the Wagner home in fear for her life and was forced to hand over custody of her son to George Wagner IV. Her testimony is important to the state’s case, as prosecutors say custody of Jake Wagner and Hanna May Rhoden’s daughter was the motive for the 2016 murders.

Testimony by Jeff Tackett in court

Jeff Tackett, 46, testified Monday morning that he has known Billy Wagner since he was 13 or 14 and that Billy describes him as “a different mother’s brother.” Tackett said he was also working on the Flying W Farm and raising horses when he was laid off from union bricklaying. He described the Wagners as “very close…like a cult”.

Tackett said he knew both Billy Wagner and the victim Chris Rhoden Sr. He testified that he warned Chris Rhoden Sr. about the Wagners when his daughter Hanna May started dating Jake Wagner. Tackett recalled telling Rhoden, “If you have trouble with them, they will harm you or kill you.”

Tackett described Fredericka Wagner as very religious and a successful businesswoman. He said Fredericka often gave Percocets to Billy, who used the painkillers in the years before the murders.

Tackett recalled that Billy Wagner’s sister Robin had taken him to Wagner’s bedroom at the Flying W Farm about a week before the murders. He said he was frightened when he saw a bludgeon, a bulletproof vest that he described as a “full metal jacket,” a .22-caliber Hornet pistol, a vest with a holster, and ammunition.

The witness said Billy Wagner was very angry with his sister for letting him in the room. Tackett said Wagner told him he was going to order a brass catcher, and Tackett said, “You’re preparing to kill someone. They are dead.”

Tackett said he did not call authorities prior to the murders because he was concerned Billy Wagner would hurt or kill him. A week later, Tackett learned that the Rhodens had been murdered, and he contacted authorities to let them know he believed Billy Wagner was responsible.

However, Tackett said he wasn’t speaking to agents until September 2016 — five months later — when he offered to wear a wire for BCI, which he says he’s done four or five times. Tackett said under cross-examination that he was paid $100 each time he carried the wire, but when he saw Billy Wagner and his family at the Peterson Rd. property, he said Billy gave him “the cold shoulder.”

Tackett also described an incident after the murders, in which Billy Wagner stopped by his home and said, “I can’t stand myself” and talked about the murders. He said Billy Wagner blamed the murders Skid Montgomery, one of the richest and most powerful people in the county. Tackett said Wagner claimed Montgomery had the Rhodens murdered because Chris Rhoden Sr. locked him out of an $800,000 marijuana deal. So far, however, no evidence has been produced that Montgomery and Rhoden were involved in drug dealing together.

Under cross-examination, Wagner’s attorneys questioned Tackett about chicken fights in which he and the Rhoden family were involved with others. Tackett got animated talking about the ins and outs of chicken fights, which could be very lucrative. Lawyer John Patrick Parker questioned Tackett about his daily marijuana use and the fact that he bought it from Chris Rhoden Sr.

“I hardly remember anything,” Tackett once said.

At the diversion investigation, Tackett said he did not verify his statements to law enforcement or listen to the interviews and testified only from his recollection of the events.

Wagner IV is accused of involvement in the premeditated murders of eight members of the Rhoden and Gilley families in April 2016. He has pleaded not guilty.

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