Will fans hear ‘Space, The Final Frontier’ from Anson Mount?

Anson Mount as Captain Pike


Anson Mount as Captain Pike

Journey through the history of “Star TrekFranchising is not a straight line. There have been many stops, starts and restarts over the years. While some fans may cringe at some of the decisions made since 1964, when the original Trek story was filmed, most agree that the ride was an incredible experience.

In fact, according to the voices that make up “Inglorious Trekspert“Podcast, the best way to tell a story on film for television or in film is to let it change and evolve.

In their recent show, Host of Trekspert Ashley Edward Miller said that one of the reasons why the program “Babylon 5“Working so well is because the screenwriters don’t know what will happen to the actors, the setting, the special effects, and the myriad of other changes that happen after the movie begins.

“It’s like the famous ‘Babylon 5’ story,” says Miller. “It’s always been like that J. Michael Straczynski had his five-year plan… he had it all figured out. And you know what? I’m sure to some extent he’s got some idea of ​​what each of those five seasons should be like. ”

“But the reality is – you can’t tell,” says Miller. “And if you said up front that you knew exactly which episodes were going to take place in your fifth season, you’d be an idiot.”

Trek’s Development

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The same can be said for the development of “Star Trek”. While it is true that Gene Roddenberry was the creator of Trek and visionary, many other creative minds have made Trek what it is today.

A great example of the transformation of “Star Trek” is the story of “Where no man has ever gone”, which is a famous phrase associated with the show and later, space exploration in general.

This phrase was first said by William Shatner (Kirk) at the beginning of both “The Original Series” and “The Animated Series”. Patrick Stewart’s voiceover rephrases the phrase at the beginning of each episode of “The Next Generation,” but his version is only slightly different.

Opening Phrases in ‘Animated Series’

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Fans around the world can recite this famous quote, which is:

“Space: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life and new civilizations. To boldly go where no man has gone before!”

Stewart’s version has replaced “where no man has been” with the sexist phrase, “where no one has ever gone,” but the gist remains the same. The phrase sets the tone for the adventure that will follow. The shows in the next franchise don’t use this spell, as they don’t have the crew of the Enterprise.

The exception was the cast of “Star Trek: Enterprise” who were on a version of that ship. However, the controversial decision to use a Rod Stewart song instead of instrumental fanfare does not mean Captain Archer (Scott Bakula) to recite the phrase. He did in the final episode of the show.

The opening phrase in ‘The Next Generation’

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While many would guess that Roddenberry came up with the phrase himself, he didn’t. Thanks to Caroline Cubé and Doug Johnson of the UCLA Library, fans can now chart changes from start to finish. Producer Robert Justman sent Roddenberry a memo, asking for “a standard opening narrative for Bill Shatner to record.”

Roddenberry required and wrote the following:

“This is the adventure of the United Space Ship Enterprise. Assigned a five-year galaxy patrol, the bold crew of the giant starship explores the excitement of strange new worlds, uncharted civilizations, and exotic people. These are its voyages and its adventures.”

Those words sound familiar but not quite what fans know and love. One of the few phrases that survived the editing process was “strange new worlds”. That will define Trek for decades, including to this day.

Enter Captain Pike

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As noted earlier, both Shatner and Stewart revealed product lines for their gig. However, no one, not even Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, Sonequa Martin-Green, or Brett Grey, has said it since the opening of “Star Trek”. But there’s a new show that finished filming a few months ago that could change all that.

Please note that Leonard Nimoy (Spock), Chris Pine (Kelvin Kirk), and several others have said the phrase in the “Star Trek” cinema. However, this article is about the TV series, not the movie.

Anson Mount will put on a golden commander uniform and wear Captain Christopher Pike to the streaming screen sometime in 2022 or 2023. He will replay the first popular part of Jeffery Hunter back to 1966 of “Menagerie, ” The original Trek Pilot cut it into two episodes.

Mount played Pike in Season 2 of “Star Trek: Discovery” and was so loved that fans began to agitate for Mount to have his own gig. They even made a petition received more than 30,000 signatures.

Will Anson Mount say the phrase?

Mount has repeatedly said that his show, “Star Trek: Strange New Worlds,” Will introduce more classic stories with episodes that TOS and TNG fans grew up loving. That means the show will take place.”planet of the week”, which worked very well for all Trips prior to “Deep Space Nine”.

But it can also mean a return to the mantra that so many associate with the franchise. This time, spoken by Mount as Captain Pike.

However, it’s possible that Mount may not have said the phrase, as Hunter didn’t say it for “The Cage”.

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