Will Rental Clubs Affect Your Golf Swing?

This is how you get the most out of your rental clubs.

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I’m traveling with my family and I don’t have room for my racquets. Will using rental clubs affect my game? – Kevin

Rental clubs are often a necessary choice for golfers traveling for business, family, or who want to play a comfortable round of golf without the hassle of traveling with their own clubs. Depending on your location, some courses offer top-notch options, others less so. Sometimes you are dealing with older sets that may contain racquets that are in poor condition.

Regardless of the quality of the rental clubs at the golf course you visit, here are some tips to keep in mind so you can play your best with a set of clubs that are not your own:

It never hurts to ask

Contact the golf course in advance to inquire about available rental clubs and see what is available there. Ask about club types, shaft flexibilities, and other options that may better suit your needs. Some golf courses may have special sets for seniors, juniors, or players with faster swings. The more you know beforehand, the easier it is to prepare accordingly.

Adapt to different waves

Rental sets usually have R-Flex (regular) or S-Flex (stiff) shafts. While suitable for most players, they may not be ideal if you have a fast or slow swing. Instead of changing your move, adjust your strategy instead. Fast swingers can choke grip and use slap shots for better control, while slow swingers should expect less ball flight and slight left-right turn. Also, consider adjusting your pace to longer or heavier racquets to help promote balance and timing. If they’re shorter and lighter than you’re used to, focus on making better contact with your swing at around 75% and avoid anything at full throttle.

Change your shot selection

With rental clubs, you may not achieve the same distances and shot types as your own clubs. Expect cavity-back irons and game-enhancing drivers, so it’s best to focus on aiming directly at your targets and considering possible slice correction off the tee. In some cases, rental clubs can surpass the quality of your own set, and where available, you may even have the option to purchase the same set at the golf course. how do we know We saw a mate fall in love with a bunch of rental clubs while on holiday, only to buy them all and take them home.

Inspect and warm up

Scratches and dents are common on rental clubs. Therefore, check the set carefully before use. Make sure there are no broken, missing, or misplaced components. Minor scuffs or scratches aren’t usually a big problem, but a crack, bend, or missing weight cartridge warrants replacing the set. Also, before your round, warm up at the practice area or driving range to familiarize yourself with the rental clubs. Experiment with different swings to understand their performance and adjust your game accordingly.

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Consider another golf ball

Because rental clubs may not offer the same hitting performance as your own set, using your usual ball may not produce optimal results. Choose a ball that better suits the rental clubs and adjust your expectations of hitting ability. Opting for a value-based mid-range player makes more financial sense than renting clubs to improve your game.

Prioritize course management

Playing with ill-fitting clubs underscores the importance of strategic play and smart decision-making on the pitch. Focus on accuracy and shot placement instead of just relying on distance and power. Take the opportunity to hone aspects like alignment, pacing, and course management and enjoy the process rather than just focusing on the outcome.

You can still pack important things

Even if you don’t bring your own clubs, you can take certain golfing essentials with you in your holdall or suitcase. Consider items like your golf glove, range finder, sunscreen, portable music speaker, and golf shoes if you can fit them. Carrying these items allows for flexibility should your schedule open up and an impromptu turn becomes possible, saving you additional costs.

Using rental clubs can be fun. However, make sure you are clear beforehand, that you have practiced enough and that your expectations are under control.

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