“Woke” is the opposite of whiteness

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Selective focus on the word wake.

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“And I personally thought there was too much black history,” she said.

This quote is from Cathy Odom, one of the race warriors who fought on the front lines in Alabama in the anti-Woke culture war. The AL.com article in which this quote appears highlights the women trying to prevent the state from adopting textbooks that “indoctrinate our children with DEI.” [Diversity Equity and Inclusion]SEL [Social Emotional Learning]raising agendas and taking care of our little ones.” But that phrase has haunted me for days.

It’s one of the most perfect sentences I’ve ever read.

Damn, that’s a great thing! It’s beautiful, spinning alone in the blinded headlights of its own hatred. His ability to summarize the entire ethos of a people is on par with “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, and segregation forever.” It should be in the next Bible. Merriam-Webster should put it next to the definition of white. Oh, she teaches the torches to burn bright! It is a precious jewel in an Ethiopian’s ear.

Finally, someone has provided an apt explanation for the political and social movement that has captivated America. In just 10 words, this spontaneous linguist managed to provide future generations with a concise translation of a sentence whose meaning had eluded us for months. This hateful race warrior explained the world of whiteness. Let’s marvel once more at his white excellence:

“And I personally thought there was too much black history.”

This is the definition of “woke up”.

The reason Cathy, the Caucasian Crusader, is opposed to a more comprehensive curriculum is because she can’t imagine K-12 schools having measurably too much white history. According to a study by the National Museum of African American History and Culture, public schools devote between 8.3% and 9.4% of their history curriculum to teaching Black history. Given that 80% of public school teachers are white, compared to 46% of public school students, it’s a wonder why history is so whitewashed.

After whites

But rather than addressing this quantifiable inequality in the education system, people like Cathy would rather preserve the status quo by calling the solution “woke.” They made the idiom synonymous with diversity, justice, inclusion, kindness, and humanity. Fortunately, there is a phrase that describes this belief system that advocates “too much white history” and efforts to preserve it. Thanks to Bama’s own anti-Black Becky, we can now understand what that white fragility dog ​​whistle really means.

Woke is the opposite of white supremacy.

I am confident that Ron DeSantis’ campaign team is preparing the necessary legal documents to trademark Odom’s spontaneous expression of Caucasus. DeSantis understands that his entire political program rests on the idea of ​​weaponizing white supremacy, which is defined as “the social, economic, and political systems that collectively enable white people to retain power over people of other races.” is defined. A DeSantis advisor, on the other hand, defined Woke as “a belief that there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them.”

Since then, DeSantis has developed an interstate human trafficking system that kidnaps legal asylum seekers and sends them to “awake cities” to protect Florida’s slim 52.7% white majority. He’s trying to put Mickey Mouse in jail because Disney instills in our kids the “bright” idea that there are gay, trans, Hispanic, and black people. When he demonizes DEI initiatives in public college, he’s trying to preserve a state where nonwhite taxpayers fund one of the ten most unequal college systems in America.

DeSantis wants to end STOP WOKE so white supremacy can continue.

In fairness, while the term “woke” has been widely used by Black Americans for about 80 years, its use as a pejorative word has not exclusively anti-black. For example, the anti-Woke mob unleashed the conservative twist on abandonment culture on Anheuser-Busch because of trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney promoting Bud Light. Meanwhile, people who masturbated to footage from Jan. 6 targeted Target employees after the retailer sold Pride Month paraphernalia. It’s possible that white women are angry at black people stealing roles from Anglo-Saxon mermaids.

If you didn’t understand this tweet, you are not alone. Negress Ariel still has red hair, so what could this sentient whitefish woman be so upset about? On the other hand, beer can serial killer Kid Rock takes out his frustrations on innocent beer bottles, as if Bud Light shouldn’t acknowledge that even some transsexuals like their beer to taste white mediocrity and Dockers. If wearing a rainbow t-shirt or drinking beer could make people gay or change their sexuality, Pink Floyd concert t-shirts would be illegal in Texas.

And if every step toward diversity or inclusion, no matter how small, is anti-white, how are we supposed to relate to the demographics of state legislatures, boardrooms, mainstream media, and Taylor Swift concerts? If Bud Light is pushing the gay agenda, what agenda has been pushed by Bud Light’s previous 1,203,305,304,392 commercials set in a world where there are only straight white males ages 21 to 49? If anti-racist education woke up, how do we describe the educational system before Ibram X. Kendi? What is the opposite of critical race theory and the homosexual agenda and the economic inequalities and recognition of human beings and racial differences that exist in every corner of a country that has opposed equality since the day it was founded?

The true Hollywood story of the

That was a rhetorical question. I actually know the answer.

Sometimes, not so infrequently, I am asked why I often refer to myself as a “Wypipologist”. is it a joke A subtle push? While I understand why the term might seem offensive to some and confusing to others, it’s an objectively absurd question.

I usually tell these curious souls that the suffix “-ology” simply denotes a branch of knowledge. The Black Studies department of almost every university evolved out of a curriculum originally known as “Africology”. I also believe that it is impossible to understand America’s unique version of white supremacy by studying black people. I remind them that blacks didn’t create, perpetuate, or perpetuate racism—whites did. I explain that it is necessary to study white people to understand racism and why it persists.

Asking why a black man cares about white people is like asking why a farmer studies the weather forecast or why doctors study germs. Whiteness has been the most reliable political, social, and economic engine of every millisecond in American history.

I also find whiteness endlessly fascinating. The white is as arresting as a distant star in a ground-based astronomer’s telescope. I’m fascinated by his ability to transform and maintain his attraction. I’m fascinated by how it explodes and collapses in on itself. And I know I’m not alone.

“I know many souls who whirl and pass by, but none fascinate me more than the souls of the white people.” WEB Du Bois once wrote. “Isn’t the world big enough for two colors, for many small rays of sunshine? Then why are you devouring your own vitals when I’m just as proud to say, ‘I’m black!’”

In the same essay, Du Bois, the founder of American sociology and perhaps the greatest genius this country has ever produced – black or white – had his own definition of whiteness that is almost as good as Cathy Odom’s one-sentence treatise on the state of Alabama’s educational system.

“But what on earth is white to want so badly?”

Then always, somehow, in some way, quietly and clearly, I realize that the white is the property of the earth forever and ever, amen!

This is the war we fight. We are not fighting an 80-year-old idiom, a graduate school philosophy, a piece of journalism, or Judeo-Christian values. We fight efforts to preserve the white, supremacist wind that blows in the sails of those used to sailing their privilege. By demonizing progress as “awakened,” they protect the system they benefit from. You made it. you own it They just ensure the “forever and ever” part.

And I personally think there is too much white.


Michael Harriot is a championship-level writer, cultural critic and spades player. His book, Black AF History: The Unwhitewashed Story of America, is out in September.

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