WoW Dragonflight Mythic Plus Tier List – Best Classes

Mythic Plus is one of the most intense forms of endgame content in World of Warcraft Dragonflight. Depending on the level, they can often be harder than even raids if you don’t have the right classes for the job. While all classes can eliminate them, Mythic Plus heavily favors classes that can dish out large amounts of AOE (area of ​​effect) damage. So here is the list of the best classes to take to your Mythic Plus runs.

Top classes for Mythic Plus in WoW Dragonflight

As previously mentioned, AOE is the name of the game for Mythic Plus. The following classes are best suited for handling Mythic Plus content:

  • Chaos Demon Hunter – Devastation deals damage with abilities that tend to always split multiple targets at once. They have explosive DPS (damage over time) and insane AOE potential through their talent trees.
  • Windwalker Monk – Similar to Havocs, Windwalkers have AOE on call whenever needed. Rarely does a cooldown affect their ability to deal with a large group of enemies. Aside from being self-sustaining and having very high DPS, they are a top choice for Mythic Plus.
  • Fury warrior – Fury Warriors are pretty much the poster child for rift damage, and excel at dealing absolutely massive damage in AOE encounters, arguably surpassing even the previous two picks mentioned on this list. In addition to their constant sustain from their DPS abilities, Furys are an easy choice for Mythic Plus.

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  • protection warrior – The tank with cooldown for every situation, of course, also shines in Mythic Plus. Prot Warriors have some of the strongest damage mitigation cooldowns in WoW Dragonflight, and with the amount of damage dealt out in Mythic Plus, it’s no surprise why.
  • Conservation Evoker – Similar to the Prot Warrior, only to heal instead. As the latest addition to WoW’s heals, it’s no surprise that Evokers absolutely excel in Dragonflight’s Mythic Plus Season 1. With the ability to fully undo damage dealt to an entire party with careful precision, Preservation Evokers are a great choice for high-level Mythic Plus runs.
  • Sniper Hunter – Marksmen Hunters is probably the best ranged class in WoW Dragonflight and can deal massive AOE damage from a safe distance, a contrast to the other picks on this list. This makes up for their lack of direct cleavage, as they can easily knock out groups with abilities that already have short cooldowns.

While all classes in WoW Dragonflight are currently eligible for Mythic Plus, understand that this is meant to highlight the very best picks. As the expansion progresses, you can expect things to change as long as balance tuning continues.

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