YNW Melly accused of plotting prison break with help from lawyer

A Florida sheriff’s office is charging a jailed rapper YNW Melly Reportedly planning an escape from prison with the help of one of his lawyers. The 23-year-old was accused of orchestrating the jailbreak during a court hearing on Tuesday.

Melly has been jailed since February 2019 awaiting trial for the alleged murders of two of his crew members and close friends, Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas, Jr. and Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams.

The Broward County Sheriff’s General Counsel’s Office announced on Thursday complex that Melly, known by his first name Jamell Demons, and another inmate named Nicholas Lewis plotted the escape with the help of the rapper’s attorney.

Melly’s lawyer was supposed to bring handcuff keys to help rappers and cellmates escape

The department claims Melly’s attorney should have brought two handcuff keys to help with the escape, adding that the other inmate, Lewis, had a shaft and drugs with him.

“On April 11, 2022, the Broward Sheriff’s Office received a confidential tip regarding inmates Nicholas Lewis and Jamell Demons, both of whom were being held in the same unit in the main prison, and who were plotting an escape from prison with the assistance of Demons’ attorney, two handcuff keys when escaping. Additional information provided by the source was that Lewis had a shank and drugs,” the statement said, in part.

Authorities cited a “confidential tip” from a prison source about the plan, which led to prison officials searching Lewis’ cell for the lead, as reported by The shadow room last week.

They reportedly discovered a 6-inch shaft, two razor blades, two lighters and rolling papers, according to Complex.

Rapper’s cellmate had Shank and drugs in his cell, search uncovered

Lewis was also found to be carrying Seroquel and Klonopin pills, for which he has no prescription.

Melly’s cell was similarly searched, but nothing was found except food from the commissioner and what an “excessive (amount of) prison clothing” according to an incident report.

“The confidential source gave us two pieces of information. One of them [about the shank and drugs] has been proven to be 100 percent,” Christian Tsoubanos, assistant general counsel for the Broward Sheriff’s Office, told the court on Tuesday. “And when they searched the demons’ cell, they didn’t find the handcuff key, but there may not have been a chance to bring it into the facility yet.”

YNW Melly
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Attorney for victim’s family says escape attempt ‘points to guilt’

Meanwhile, in her civil lawsuit against the rapper, an attorney for YNW Juvy’s mother, Leondra Phillips, told Complex that “we, as advocates for a victim, strongly believe that any attempts to escape justice indicate guilt.”

“As a victim’s attorney, we firmly believe that any attempt to evade justice constitutes an indication of guilt,” Attorney John M. Phillips told Complex. “This matter needs a full investigation, including the involvement of the attorney. Sure, there are times when whistleblowers and even government agents are wrong or complicit in wrongdoing, but we’ve seen so much on this one, from rooftop stripper parties to Diamond teeth dentist needsthis is another chapter in what remains to be closed in court.”

One of Melly’s attorneys, Raven Liberty, is accused of giving other people their phone credentials so they could have “unrecorded video visits” with the “Murder on my Mind” rapper.

YNW Melly is reportedly now a suspect in the fatal shooting of a police officer in 2017

YNW Melly’s attorney is accused of giving her credentials for “unrecorded visiting calls” with rappers

In a recorded phone call earlier this month, Melly can be heard telling his girlfriend Erran Barnett: “Hey, I should speak to my lawyer. Whenever they call you say, ‘Is that Ms. Liberty? is this that person Just be like yup, yup, yup,” Complex said.

The Broward Sheriff’s Office eventually stripped the rapper of phone privileges for repeated violations, including over 3,000 calls to his girlfriend, all but 22 of which were without using his personal identification number, which is required by prison rules.

Melly originally faced the death penalty for the murders, but prosecutors have since appealed that decision.

The case is currently pending in Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeals.

https://theshaderoom.com/ynw-melly-cellmate-accused-of-planning-escape-from-florida-jail-with-help-from-rappers-attorney/ YNW Melly accused of plotting prison break with help from lawyer

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